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From leveling-up company communication to building a better culture, we’re here to solve your toughest challenges.
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                                Account Management

                                Learn how you can create, update, and deactivate user accounts on Workplace.




                                Workplace is built to give everyone in your organization a voice, whether you work in the head office or on the factory floor. We have created Mobile Phone backed accounts to simplify the account creation process. After a mobile phone number account is invited, the user will receive an SMS with a link to claim the account and information to set their password. Once the account is claimed, the user will receive another SMS with a recovery code which can be used to reset their Workplace password.

                                High-level instructions

                                There are two stages to add your first phone based user in Workplace:

                                Enable profile creation with a mobile number feature in Workplace.

                                Create an account mobile based account.
                                Enable profile creation with a mobile number feature in Workplace.

                                Enable profile creation with a mobile number feature in Workplace

                                Before you can create phone based users, you'll need to enable this functionality within your Workplace environment. With a System administrator account, follow the steps below to activate profile creation with a mobile number:

                                In the Admin Panel, select Settings.

                                Scroll down to Profile Creation with Mobile Number.

                                Select Turn on check box.

                                Click Save.
                                Your instance should now be enabled to create mobile phone users once you've logged out and logged in again.
                                Create an account using a mobile phone number

                                Create an account using a mobile phone number

                                Follow the steps below to to add a user using their mobile phone numbers::

                                In the Admin Panel, go to the People section.

                                Click on the + Add People button.

                                Select either Add Multiple People or Add One Person.

                                Select Mobile number in the dropdown box.

                                Enter the mobile numbers or mobile number and other relevant information of the people or person you're inviting to Workplace. Include the country code, with or without the plus sign.

                                Click Send invitations by text message.
                                Ensure all mobile numbers are correct. Once you have sent the invitations or invitation, people will have total access to your Workplace.
                                Manage phone based accounts

                                Manage phone based accounts

                                Manage phone based accounts manually

                                You can manage mobile phone based user manually, one at a time, in the same way that you would manually create a user email-less accounts.

                                Once you create an account using a mobile phone number, this number cannot be updated.
                                A maximum of 5 claim SMSs per day may be sent to Workplace phone number accounts. You can only add a limited number of users by phone number per day. If you have Workplace Core you can increase the number of mobile phone backed accounts you can create per day by verifying your domain.
                                Password reset for mobile phone number accounts

                                Password reset for mobile phone number accounts

                                A mobile phone based user can reset their password using any of the following options:

                                • Use a Recovery Code.
                                • Setting the phone number account to unclaimed (invited).
                                Password reset using a Recovery Code

                                Password reset using a Recovery Code

                                Once the user claims the account, it receives an SMS with a 10 character recovery code. The user can use this code to reset its Workplace Password. The code can only be used once, but after finishing the password recovery process the user can generate a new one. To reset your password using a Recovery Code:

                                During Login select Forgot your password? option.

                                Verify your phone number and select the Reset password.

                                Enter your 10 chaacter Recovery code and select Continue

                                Create a new password and click on Next.

                                Decide if you wish to log out form other devices and select Continue.

                                You can retrieve a new recovery code by selecting Get your recovery code option. Store it in a safe place

                                Generate a Recovery Code

                                A user created with a mobile phone number can generate a Recovery Code anytime from the Workplace App.

                                To generate a recovery code, go to Profile Settings and go to Settings and Privacy > Account Settings > Security and Login > Get your recovery code.
                                Reset a password by setting the account to unclaimed (invited)

                                Reset a password by setting the account to unclaimed (invited)

                                An administrator can set the account to unclaimed (invited). The phone number user will then receive a text message asking them to choose a new password before they can log in.