Tip Tuesday Campaign Kit

A template communication campaign to help you spread Workplace knowledge across your organization.

Download the Campaign Kit

Use the Tip Tuesday campaign to share best practices across your whole organization and help employees get more out of Workplace. Each template post comes with a customizable image and step-by-step feature instructions. Just copy text from the PDF, paste into the post composer, add your image and share.

Example of downloadable and customizable image included in the Tip Tuesday Campaign.

The campaign comes fully templatized and ready to use, but here are a few steps we recommend you take before you get started:

1. Create a group

1. Create a Group

Create an open default group called “Workplace Tips & QA”. You’ll be using this group to share the Workplace tips outlined in this campaign. It will also be a space employees can use to post their questions and to get help and support from you and your champions.

Encourage group members to offer answers to employee questions as well. And be sure to recognize individuals who go above and beyond to help others.

2. Assign moderators

2. Assign moderators

Make your champions moderators of the group. As moderators, they’ll be responsible for answering employee questions and removing any posts or comments on posts that aren’t helpful or relevant to the group’s purpose.

To make someone a moderator of your group:

  1. From the group, click Members
  2. Click ... next to the coworker you'd like to make a moderator
  3. Click Make Moderator and confirm your selection.
Note: only group admins can assign moderators to a group

3. Enable Topics

3. Enable Topics

Enable Topic tags to help organize discussions and make posts easily discoverable. You’ll be adding “Tip Tuesday” and the name of the feature you’re covering as Topics to each of your posts.

To enable Topics:

  1. Go to your group and click on the … in the top right hand corner
  2. Select Admin Options, then click on Group Settings
  3. Select Post Topics, then select Allow Members to Create Topics
  4. Click Save

4. Add a Group Description

4. Add a group description

Add a description to your group to help new members understand what the group will be used for. Here’s a sample of a group description:

“Welcome to Workplace Tips & QA! We’ll be regularly sharing tips on how to use Workplace with you in this group. You can also use this group to ask Workplace related questions. If you know the answer to someone’s question, jump in and respond! Otherwise, one of our Workplace champions will get to it in no time.”

5. Share Workplace tips

5. Start sharing tips

Once your group is all set up, you're ready to start sharing Workplace tips and best practices. Download the Campaign Kit to access template copy and images to share in your group posts.

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