Discover how Virgin Atlantic uses Workplace integrations to help staff go further

You can go pretty far in a career with Virgin Atlantic. And we don’t just mean professionally. From Seattle to Shanghai, London and Lagos, Virgin planes criss-cross the globe. And Virgin employees get to go with them. At least, that’s the theory.


Every member of the Virgin Atlantic team is entitled to discounted staff travel – but they can only take it when there’s a spare seat on an aircraft. Unsurprisingly, that means Virgin’s staff are extremely interested in finding out how many seats are available on upcoming flights. In Virgin-speak, that’s called checking the ‘load’.

“ We made a bot and our employees just loved that. It’s really helped drive usage of Workplace. ”

– Don Langford, Senior Vice President, Technology, Virgin Atlantic

But load checking was tricky, especially for frontline workers with limited access to computers. The answer? A custom Workplace integration called Load Checker, which uses a Workplace Chatbot to automate the heavy lifting while bringing the entire process to mobile for the first time.

Take a look at the video to discover how it works.

“ [Integrations] can transform how an organization functions. Fundamentally. It’s a game changer. ”

– Raza Ali, Project Manager, Virgin Atlantic
What’s in the video

What’s in the video

  • How using Workplace created new connections in Virgin Atlantic that didn’t exist before
  • Why the airline needed a mobile solution for load checking and how the Load Checker bot works
  • Why the strategy for integration includes both first-party and third-party options
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