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Workplace Profiles

Find people in your organization, build connections, express your authentic self, or just put a face to a name with Workplace Profiles.

Connect your entire organization on a more personal level with Workplace Profiles

Personalizing your profile lets you tell your story the way you want to. Add a picture, cover photo, or any other details in your ‘About’ section, or update your skills to let your colleagues know where you really shine.

Add your profile picture

Your profile photo helps your colleagues recognize you on Workplace. It also helps you see what they look like, where they work, what they do and how they fit into the organization.

Show off your real identity

Include your chosen pronouns and phonetic spelling to aid understanding, or add emojis or a frame to your profile picture to share the causes you care about.

Find colleagues and build connections

Find your colleagues across your entire organization with Org Chart. Whether you’re working together on a project or you need to talk to a specific person, you can identify and contact them directly with just one click.

Showcase your badges and skills

Badges and skills on Workplace Profiles help you learn more about your colleagues’ strengths and interests, so you can pick the right people to collaborate with on your next task.

Workplace Profiles lets your professional personality shine through

When people feel better at work, they do better at work. Workplace Profiles lets you build a sense of belonging and community by making your workplace a safe space for everyone to express their unique identity. According to the 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, companies reported a 9.9% increase in retention thanks to better employee experience and sense of inclusion on Workplace.

Profiles FAQs

To add or change your profile picture, click on your picture on the bottom left of Workplace, then click ‘View Profile’, hover over your profile picture, and click ‘Update’. Select a photo you’ve already uploaded, a photo you’re tagged in, or upload a photo from your device. When you’re ready, click ‘Save’, or if you’d like to crop your photo first, use the ‘Drag to Reposition’ tool and click ‘Save’. Find out more information in the Help Center.

To delete your profile picture, click on the picture in the bottom left of Workplace. Click ‘View Profile’, then click on the ellipsis in the top right. Click ‘Delete Photo’ in the dropdown menu, then click ‘Delete’ again to confirm.

If you add a profile picture or cover photo to your profile, it will be visible to anyone in your company. This means that your current profile picture or cover photo can be seen by anyone visiting your Workplace profile.

"People actually enjoy using Workplace. It's allowed people to open up and be who they really are, rather than being one way publicly and another way internally."

Fernando Contreras

Vice President of Organizational Development, Station Casinos

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